Wedding Gift Buying Guide

Some people are simply good at gift-giving or are just used to finding the right gifts when invited to a wedding. Other people, however, have no clue or do not know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to wedding gifts.

The registry, on the other hand, tries to make this uncomplicated, giving guests the option to choose from a list of items the couple has already identified as the stuff they want to receive. But even then, here are some rules to remember to make sure you honor the couple well and give them the appropriate gift for the start of their married life.

The Dos

  1. Cash Is Always Good

Giving cash does not mean you do not have the time or you did not put the effort to buy the couple something else. Cash is always welcome, if not more preferred. There may be some cultures that perceive it differently, but in general, couples will be able to use this money for their honeymoon expenses or even for their savings. If you are still unsure, you can ask the bride or groom or their family members as well.

  1. Group Gifts are a Great Idea

Some couples choose pricier items on the registry, which might be too much for one guest to afford. However, pooling together as a group to splurge on, for example, that fancy espresso machine or slow-cooker, or even booking for them a Houston wedding photographer is a great idea. This way, the couple gets what they want and no one has to splurge way too much for a gift. This is also a great option for guests who might not have a lot of funds to buy separate gifts.

  1. Send Something Even If You Cannot Make It

Depending on how close your relationship is with the bride and groom, you should at least send a congratulatory card and a small gift card if you cannot attend the wedding.

The Don’ts

  1. Wait One Year 

Some superstitions state that you can give the wedding gift up to one year after the event. However, this can be seen as rude, so it is better to give it on the day itself or even shortly after.

  1. Underspend

The biggest dilemma when it comes to wedding gifts is deciding how much you should spend or give. The rule of thumb is the relationship with the couple. About $50 to $75 is good for acquaintances or even colleagues; $75 to $125 for friends; and $125 to $175 if they are close friends or relatives. However, if it is a destination wedding, you can give less. If you are bringing a guest, you should add a little more.

  1. Stress Too Much

Your presence in this special event is more important than the gift per se. Of course, it is great to give them something for this new stage in their lives, but you do not have to worry too much about what to buy and how much to spend.

Gift-giving does not have to be complicated, so you just need to follow these simple rules and if you are still not sure, just refer to the registry or ask a fellow wedding guest.