The All New “A Christian Soul Mate” Website

First, welcome to the beginning of the all new website for A Christian Soul Mate!

The philosopher Plato is credited with creating the idea of a “soul mate” with his belief that the soul is split before birth. This split is into a male and female counterparts and that to be complete you are supposed to find your “soul mate” and reunite. Thus he believed there is only one perfect mate for every person.

We believe in the idea that you can find a soul mate but not that there is only one out there for each person. The bible also does not say that their is only one perfect match for you. Instead consider that there are many people out there that could be a great mate for you. Someone with common beliefs, that treats you right, makes you laugh and respects you. All that and they also bring out the best in you. Not 100% in sync on everything but compatible. Someone you can spend the rest of your life with and maybe raise a family.

Our site will be all about relationships in-conjunction with the Christian faith. From marriage experiences, dating tips and even raising your kids in Christ. We will offer advice, scripture and a community in which you can learn and share.