How To Meet Other Christian Singles

Christian Retreats are great places to meet Christian singles

Without a doubt, many young Christians desire to find that special person they can walk with down the aisle. In fact, research has indicated that almost the entire youth in the church perceive marriage as the accepted and encouraged lifestyle. Some single men and women state clearly that they would only date and marry churchgoers and are anxious to find single Christians to date.

Is finding a Christian single hard? In the current world, single ladies lament that they can’t find good men to marry. Single men fear to get too anxious in their quest to start a family since they find searching for a God-fearing lady quite challenging. With this kind of scenario, a single person may feel that his/her “search area” is deficient with the kind of potential partners they would like to have. If you are a Christian single looking forward to meeting your better half, concentrating on the ideas below could bring your search to a happy ending.

Ways in which you can meet Christian singles

1. Church services: There are many rewards of going to church. The church service brings together all kinds of people; including young single people, divorced adults, and the widowed. All these people are potential partners. While there is an assumption that single Christians should find it easy to couple up, there is also an antagonistic perception about dating in the church. In reality, it’s not that churches don’t have enough Christian singles. Singles are the ones who take long before attracting their suitable potential dates into a relationship. If you are looking for a single lady in church, don’t let that sister go just because of fear. Invite them for coffee after the church service.

2. Retreats and conferences: There are many happily married couples who met in conferences while they were in college. Conferences and retreats allow people to not only learn but also have ample time to interact. You get to know many people, make new friends and increase your chances of finding someone with whom there is some chemistry. Your chance could be a chat during lunch time during a singles retreat or career talk. Research has indicated that spiritual people dedicate more time to their personal development than less spiritual people. Therefore, conferences, Like the OneThing Conference,  are a great place to find Christian singles with similar beliefs and priorities. People who believe in the same thing make more compatible partners.

3. Weddings: Christian singles fancy attending weddings as it gives them a picture of their future status-changing moment. In a wedding, you can get a Christian single with a genuine interest in starting a family. During the next wedding in your neighborhood or church, dress up for the occasion and keep your eyes open. You might meet the “one” looking for you.

4. Online dating sites: Different people have varying opinions regarding online dating services. In the wake of massive internet use, young people spend a significant amount online. According to reliable statistics, people spend more than three hours online each day. Dating sites are one of the main reasons people all around the world stay online. There are many Christian dating sites like where Christian singles meet. This site expands the horizons of searching for dating partners beyond physical boundaries. One should, however, be careful when using dating sites to detect liars and incidences of selfish interests.

5. Missions: A wide range of organizations arrange events aimed at serving communities and spreading the gospel. Churches and faith-based humanitarian NGOs are trusted organizations that undertake missions and involve everyone who is willing to participate. One can seize the opportunity to serve the community as well as meet compassionate people. Dedicated Christian singles utilize their free time in such events. One can find a potential partner with a desirable character during a mission. Here is a great video from Christian Daily Life with more information on Christian Missions.

6. Christian singles holidays: Church road trips and cruises can be an enjoyable way to spend your youthful days. Getting yourself involved in such fun activities dramatically increases your chances of spotting someone you like among the Christian singles on board. Churches are not the only institutions that organize these activities. Look for social events companies in your area and get on a Christian holiday.

Other opportunities include taking up leadership positions in church ministries and local community youth groups. Family and friends can also help you meet your desired partner. Meeting them often and letting them know what type of person you are looking for can get you a nice referral. There are endless ideas and locations for meeting Christian singles. You just have to be open to the ideas and remember to polish your social skills.

The All New “A Christian Soul Mate” Website

First, welcome to the beginning of the all new website for A Christian Soul Mate!

The philosopher Plato is credited with creating the idea of a “soul mate” with his belief that the soul is split before birth. This split is into a male and female counterparts and that to be complete you are supposed to find your “soul mate” and reunite. Thus he believed there is only one perfect mate for every person.

We believe in the idea that you can find a soul mate but not that there is only one out there for each person. The bible also does not say that their is only one perfect match for you. Instead consider that there are many people out there that could be a great mate for you. Someone with common beliefs, that treats you right, makes you laugh and respects you. All that and they also bring out the best in you. Not 100% in sync on everything but compatible. Someone you can spend the rest of your life with and maybe raise a family.

Our site will be all about relationships in-conjunction with the Christian faith. From marriage experiences, dating tips and even raising your kids in Christ. We will offer advice, scripture and a community in which you can learn and share.